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Welcome to Elsinore Aquatics Club's water polo program, where the excitement of aquatic team sports comes to life! Water polo is a captivating sport that combines strategy, teamwork, and athleticism, all within the aquatic arena.

At Elsinore Aquatics Club, we're dedicated to introducing young athletes to the world of water polo and nurturing their passion for the game. Just like soccer, basketball, and rugby on the water, water polo offers a thrilling experience that challenges both body and mind.

In our water polo program, players on two teams of seven work together to score goals by propelling the ball into the opponent's net. With endurance, strength, and swimming skills at the core, players showcase their abilities through swimming, passing, shooting, and defensive tactics.

As quarters unfold, players make swift decisions, execute precise passes, and communicate effectively with their teammates. This dynamic interplay of skills and strategies creates a high-energy environment that is as mentally engaging as it is physically demanding.

Elsinore Aquatics Club's water polo program is a gateway to both fun and growth. Whether your child is new to the sport or already has experience, we provide tailored coaching that fosters skill development, teamwork, and a lifelong love for water polo.

Join us in diving into the world of water polo, where Elsinore Aquatics Club's legacy of excellence and dedication to athletes make every splash count.


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