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What Is Elsinore AC?

At Elsinore Aquatics Club (Elsinore AC)

Our goals are to provide our athletes with the tools they need to succeed in the sport of water polo, while also keeping costs low and prioritizing fun. We believe that the skills and lessons learned through water polo can help our athletes become fulfilled, motivated, and productive adults.

Our program offers athletes the opportunity to practice 2-3 times a week and play a scrimmage/game 3-4 times a month, locally. We understand that the costs associated with traditional water polo clubs can be high, and we are committed to offering a more affordable option for families in the Elsinore Valley and surrounding areas.

We also believe that starting water polo at a younger age can give athletes a clear advantage over those who didn't play before high school. This advantage can help prepare them for college-level play once they graduate.

Water polo is a unique sport that shares many similarities with hockey, basketball, and soccer, but is played in the water. It is governed by USA Water Polo Organization, and most competition is played in California, especially in coastal areas. Due to the scarcity of sizable pools and the expense of operating such facilities, every water polo team currently operates on a "club" model. This model comes with high costs, weekend travel, and a large time commitment from athletes.

In Riverside County, there are only six organizations that offer full-size club teams with competition for every age 8-18. The average club in Riverside County charges up to $150 a month or $450 to $650 per 3 month "session" just to practice, as well as additional tournament fees that could range from $50-$150 per tournament. At Elsinore AC, we offer a recreational model of water polo for athletes aged 5-18, and we are confident that our model can produce athletes at the same competitive level as traditional clubs. Being in the SPA Zone, we regularly play the best teams in the country and being focused on the complete game, we regularly outperform local I.E. Clubs.

Elsinore Aquatics Club was founded in August 2015 with the purpose of providing opportunities in the sports of water polo and swimming for the Elsinore Valley and surrounding areas. We are proud to offer a program that is affordable, fun, competitive, and we welcome athletes of all skill levels to join us and discover the thrill of water polo!

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